Tiny Love Box

Tiny Love Box
Tiny Love Box
Tiny Love Box
Tiny Love Box
Tiny Love Box
Tiny Love Box
Tiny Love Box
Tiny Love Box
Tiny Love Box
Tiny Love Box
Tiny Love Box
Tiny Love Box
Tiny Love Box
Tiny Love Box
Tiny Love Box
Tiny Love Box
Tiny Love Box

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Tiny Love Box

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Mumkin provides an extensive selection of baby essentials, catering to various needs and stages of development. From practical and stylish bibs to promote fuss-free feeding, to soft and supportive mustard seed pillows for optimal comfort, and engaging crawling cushions to encourage active play.

What's Included


Transform mealtime into a delightful experience with our adorable li'l bib. Designed with two layers for maximum mess protection, this easy-to-clean bib is the perfect companion for your little one's feeding adventures.

Baby Mustard Seed Pillow

Crafted with care from premium mulmul cotton, Mumkin's mustard seed pillow offers gentle support for your baby's head, reducing the risk of flat head syndrome. It's natural warming properties provide comfort and are believed to help prevent common colds.

Crawling Cushion

Indulge your little one with the Mumkin Crawling Cushion - a meticulously crafted playtime essential. With varied textures and captivating sounds, it promotes crawling, strengthens core muscles, and enhances tummy time exercise.

Jungle Safari Quiet Book

Spark your baby's love for books with Mumkin's handmade soft book. Featuring gentle fabrics and interactive elements like squeaky sounds and varied textures, it nurtures curiosity and fosters early literacy exploration.

Visual Stimulation Flash Cards

Stimulate your baby's visual senses and promote early brain development with our high-contrast flashcards. Each set includes 5 black and white picture cards featuring animals, patterns, and nature. Perfect for babies aged 4 weeks and up.

Bunny Teether

Soothe your baby's gums with our safe and cute silicone and wood teether. Two textures, no harmful materials, and a comfortable grip make it perfect for happy teething moments.

Bath Toys

Explore the depths of bath time fun with our diverse collection of bath toys. From adorable rubber ducks to interactive water squirters, each toy guarantees endless laughter and imaginative play for your little one.

Hooded Towel

Ensure your little one stays dry and snug with Mumkin's ultra-soft hooded towel. Crafted with absorbent layers, it provides optimal comfort. Don't miss capturing adorable memories with this essential addition to your family album.

Mumkin offers a range of baby products including bibs, mustard seed pillows, crawling cushions, quiet books, flash cards, bath toys, and hooded towels.

Bib - Make feeding time a breeze with our adorable 2-layered bib. It's a must-have for easy cleaning and keeping dribbles at bay.

Baby Mustard Seed Pillow - Our premium mustard seed pillow, crafted from soft and breathable mulmul cotton, offers gentle support to your baby's head, reducing the risk of a flat head. The natural warmth of mustard seeds may help prevent common colds.

Crawling Cushion - Mumkin's Crawling Cushion offers endless fun with textures and sounds. Handmade with care, it encourages crawling and strengthens core muscles. Perfect for tummy time!

Jungle Safari Book - Mumkin's Jungle Safari Quiet Book is a soft, handmade book that introduces babies to the joy of reading. Engaging and tactile for curious little minds!

Visual Stimulation Flash Cards - Engage and stimulate your baby's developing senses with Mumkin's Visual Stimulation Flash Cards. Perfect for early brain development and visual exploration.

Bunny Teether - Double your baby’s bath time fun with these small, soft and squeezy bath toys, perfect for those tiny hands! Safe and non-toxic, these multicoloured toys are sure to make them giggle and squeak with joy.

Bath Toys - Make bath time a splashing good time with Mumkin's collection of adorable bath toys. Designed to entertain and engage, these toys are safe, non-toxic, and perfect for little hands to squeeze, squirt, and play with in the water.

Hooded Towel - Keep your baby dry and cozy with Mumkin's soft, absorbent hooded towel. A must-have for cute photo moments.

Handle with care:

  • Bib: Machine or hand wash with gentle detergent. Air or tumble dry on low heat.
  • Baby Mustard Seed Pillow: Spot clean only. Keep away from sunlight and heat.
  • Crawling Cushion: Wipe clean and air dry.
  • Jungle Safari Quiet Book: Spot clean with mild detergent. Air dry flat.
  • Visual Stimulation Flash Cards: Wipe clean with damp cloth.
  • Bunny Teether: Clean with warm, soapy water. Air dry.
  • Bath Toys: Rinse and air dry. Check for damage regularly.
  • Hooded Towel: Machine wash and air or tumble dry. Always follow specific care instructions provided with each product for detailed handling guidance.

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