Tangy Bajra Mix

Tangy Bajra Mix
Tangy Bajra Mix
Tangy Bajra Mix

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Tangy Bajra Mix

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Introducing our Tangy Bajra Mix: a flavourful blend of roasted multigrains, rich in fiber, magnesium, iron, and complex carbs. Enjoy this wholesome, vegan snack on the go or between meals.
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Introducing our Tangy Bajra Mix, a wholesome and flavourful blend of roasted multigrains. With its unique combination of spices and rich nutritional profile including fiber, magnesium, iron, and complex carbs, it's a perfect snack for satisfying cravings and promoting overall well-being. Enjoy this natural, vegan, and delicious treat on the go or as a mid-meal snack.

  • Transfer the contents to an airtight container after opening the pouch. Store in a cool & dry place. This product contains wheat, oats, seeds and soy. It is processed in a facility that manufactures products that contain peanuts, tree nuts, barley, mustard, sesame, dairy and may contain traces of the above.
  • 1 Month from Mfd. Date
  • This product is handmade with natural ingredients and may contain an odd piece of seed or husk.

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