Rise N Shine Box

Rise N Shine Box
Rise N Shine Box
Rise N Shine Box
Rise N Shine Box
Rise N Shine Box
Rise N Shine Box
Rise N Shine Box
Rise N Shine Box
Rise N Shine Box
Rise N Shine Box
Rise N Shine Box
Rise N Shine Box
Rise N Shine Box
Rise N Shine Box

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Rise N Shine Box

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Introducing our carefully curated hamper, filled with a range of delightful products to enhance your baby's comfort, development, and playtime. From the Mumkin Cot Canopy to the Magic Bath Book, it's a collection designed to bring joy and convenience to your parenting journey.

What's Included

Mulmul Cot Canopy

Mumkin's Cot Canopy, crafted from breathable mulmul fabric, provides a cozy and shaded sanctuary for your baby on-the-go. It offers protection from elements while ensuring ample airflow for their comfort.

Countryside Interactive Play Mat

Delight your child with Mumkin's vibrant felt activity mat. Carefully crafted by hand, this homemade creation is designed to engage and develop essential skills in a fun and interactive manner. Watch your little one thrive!

Spill-proof Feeding Bowl

Make mealtime a breeze with our innovative 360-degree rotating feeding bowl. Its spill-proof design and upright positioning ensure mess-free eating, adding a touch of fun to your baby's dining experience.

Heat Sensitive Colour Changing Spoon & Fork

Enhance mealtime safety and style with our heat-sensitive feeding spoon and fork set. These utensils change color when food is too hot, providing peace of mind. Designed with soft edges to protect delicate gums and an Easy-Grip handle for mom's comfort during feeding. Experience the perfect combination of functionality and elegance.

Squeak Squeak Press My Nose Book

Spark your child's imagination with this engaging and vibrant book. With interactive features like squeaky sounds and illuminating lights, it encourages early reading habits and ignites their creativity.

Ajwain Soothing Toy for Cough and Cold

Indulge your baby in the soothing comfort of Mumkins handmadeAjwain Soothing Toy.Crafted with care and infused with the natural goodness of Ajwain, a traditional herb known for its aromatic and calming properties, this special toy offers a gentle and comforting experience for your little one.

Sensory Ball

Never-ending sensory fun with the vibrant sensory ball. Its textured surface, bright colours, and versatile shape engage fine and gross motor skills, promoting imaginative play. A stress buster for overwhelmed moms.

Pull Along Elephant

Mumkin's push and pull toy features an adorable elephant design with a rattle ball in its tummy, providing visual and auditory stimulation for your child's development.

Magic Bath Book

Make bath time magical with Mumkin's Magic Bath Book. Simply wet its pages and watch as the colors change and playful pictures come to life, sparking imagination and fun during bathtime.

Please see below products that will come in the hamper.

Experience the Mumkin Cot Canopy, expertly crafted from breathable mulmul fabric, providing airflow and shielding your baby from external elements. Create a serene, shaded haven for your little one wherever you go, ensuring their comfort and privacy on every outing.

Delight your little one with Mumkin's interactive felt play mat, designed to nurture essential skills through fun and engagement.

Make mealtime less messy and more enjoyable with our spill-proof feeding bowl. The 360-degree rotating design and secure lid prevent food spillage, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Our heat sensitive spoon and fork set features an elegant design and changes colour to indicate hot food. Gentle on gums, with an Easy-Grip handle for comfortable and secure feeding.

Ignite your child's love for reading with the interactive Squeak Squeak Press My Nose Book, filled with vibrant colours and captivating sounds.

Experience the natural soothing benefits of our handmade Ajwain Soothing Toy, designed to provide comfort for cough and cold symptoms.

Discover endless sensory fun with our textured Sensory Ball. Perfect for play, stress relief, and developing motor skills.

Engage your child's senses with our delightful Pull Along Elephant. This wooden toy features a rattle ball for auditory stimulation and encourages visual exploration.

Make bath time magical with our interactive Magic Bath Book. Watch as the pages come to life with vibrant colours when wet, sparking your child's imagination and creating endless fun.

  • o care for the Mumkin Cot Canopy, gently hand wash with mild detergent and hang to dry. Avoid using harsh chemicals or bleach.
  • The felt play mat can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth or sponge. Avoid machine washing or submerging in water to maintain its quality.
  • The spill-proof feeding bowl is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Alternatively, hand wash with mild soap and water.
  • The heat sensitive spoon and fork set can be washed by hand with mild soap and warm water. Avoid exposing them to high temperatures or prolonged soaking.
  • To clean the Squeak Squeak Press My Nose Book, wipe it with a damp cloth or sponge. Avoid submerging the book in water.

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