Water Bottle

Water Bottle
Water Bottle
Water Bottle
Water Bottle
Water Bottle

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Water Bottle

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Stay hydrated and nourish your skin with Mumkin's sleek, eco-friendly water bottle. Sip your way to a healthy body and vibrant complexion with every refreshing gulp.

Stay refreshed and nourished throughout your pregnancy journey with Mumkin's stylish and eco-friendly water bottle. Hydration is key for a healthy pregnancy, supporting your body's needs and promoting radiant skin. Embrace sustainable hydration with this essential companion for moms-to-be.

Material: Stainless Steel
Size: L * W = 20.32 * 6.35 cm
Capacity: 700ml

"Get your daily dose of water for a healthy, hydrated body and fresh, radiating skin with Mumkin’s stylish, reusable steel water bottle. "

Taking proper care of your steel water bottle will ensure its longevity and hygiene. Follow these simple steps:

  • Cleaning: Wash your steel bottle with warm, soapy water after each use. Use a bottle brush to reach all areas, including the cap and mouthpiece. Rinse thoroughly and air dry upside down to prevent moisture buildup.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals: Do not use bleach, chlorine, or abrasive cleaners on your steel bottle as they can damage the finish. Stick to mild detergents or natural cleaning solutions.
  • Avoid extreme temperatures: Steel bottles are not suitable for extreme temperatures. Avoid filling your bottle with hot liquids or placing it in the freezer. Extreme temperatures can compromise the integrity of the bottle and affect its performance.

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