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Hello Papa

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Introducing our Hello Papa hamper, designed to celebrate the amazing journey of fatherhood. Treat yourself or surprise a new dad with a Baby On Board Sign, Personalised Mug, Relaxing Wooden Massager, and a tasty snack. A perfect gift for proud papas!

What's Included

Baby On Board Car Sign

Announce your little one's arrival with our Mumkin Bump On Board car sign. Spread joy on the road as you proudly display your growing family. Let your car reflect your excitement and create a positive atmosphere wherever you go.

Personalised Mug

Introducing our Mumkin personalised mug, a carefully crafted and customised gift for the superhero dad in your life. Cheers to fatherhood with this special mug!

Wooden Massager

Mumkin's wooden massage roller: Soothe pregnancy discomfort. Lightweight and portable, it eases tension in the third trimester. Let papa bear provide gentle massages for ultimate relaxation.

Baby on Board Sign: Your precious bundle of joy has arrived and there’s no reason why you should keep calm and not scream from the rooftop! Ok, maybe not the rooftop but definitely on the roads you drive through. Here’s a cute Mumkin Baby On Board signage that’s a must-have car accessory!

Personalised Mug: Here’s a perfectly crafted and customised Mumkin personalised Mug for the Super Dad.

Wooden Massager: Lightweight, portable and convenient, this wooden massage roller is carefully designed to release pain and tension. Let the papa bear give you that much-needed massage!

Snack Item: A selection of Mumkin snacks as per availability

  • Consume snacks before provided end dates

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