Hello Munchkin Box

Hello Munchkin Box
Hello Munchkin Box
Hello Munchkin Box
Hello Munchkin Box
Hello Munchkin Box
Hello Munchkin Box
Hello Munchkin Box
Hello Munchkin Box
Hello Munchkin Box
Hello Munchkin Box
Hello Munchkin Box
Hello Munchkin Box
Hello Munchkin Box
Hello Munchkin Box

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Hello Munchkin Box

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Welcome your little bundle of joy with the Hello Munchkin Box - a curated collection of newborn essentials. From cozy wear to milestone cards and baby grooming kit, it's the perfect gift for new parents to cherish precious moments. Personalise your swaddle and napkin to add a little touch of your mini you!

What's Included

Newbie’s First Wear Pack

Cotton Onesie: Experience the charm of our 100% Organic Interwoven Cotton Onesie. With adorable prints and gentle fabric, it's perfect for your little one's precious first moments.

Jhabla: Celebrate the arrival of your little bundle of joy with Mumkin's 100% Organic Cotton Jhabla. Designed for utmost comfort and adorned with charming prints, it's the perfect choice to wrap your newborn in love and softness.

Mulmul Swaddle Blanket

Indulge your little one in the gentle embrace of Mumkin's high-quality mulmul cotton swaddle. This 2-layered wrap provides a secure and comforting environment, reminiscent of the mother's womb.

Mulmul Baby Napkin

Wrap your little one in the gentle touch of Mumkin's premium 4-layered baby napkin. Crafted with soft mulmul fabric, it provides ultimate comfort and versatility for everyday use. An essential for every parent's baby bag.

Cuddly Crib Hanger

This adorable crib hanger, lovingly handmade by a sweet grandma, features a charming Ganesh Ji design. Made of pure cotton, it engages and stimulates your baby's senses while adding a touch of spirituality to the nursery. A perfect choice for little ones!

Animal Soft Toy

Experience joyful moments with Mumkin Animal soft toy, handmade by a sweet grandma. Crafted from pure cotton, it amuses, attracts, and engages your baby.

Baby Milestone Cards

Celebrate your baby's journey with our milestone card set. From pregnancy to precious moments, these cards create a lasting keepsake. Trust Mumkin for a memorable way to capture and cherish your baby's milestones.

Baby Print Kit

Capture precious memories with our Mumkin Baby Print Kit. Frame your baby's journey and create a lasting connection to those early days. Trust us for a safe and cherished experience you'll hold close to your heart.

Baby Grooming Kit

Ensure your baby's hygiene and Insta-ready look with our premium grooming care set. From trimmed nails to well-groomed hair, let your baby shine confidently in every photo with MEE MEE.

Ring Sling Baby Carrier

Mumkin's ring sling baby carrier offers soft, breathable textures for a supportive embrace from birth to toddlerhood. Easy to wear with a resilient weave, it becomes softer with use and washing.

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100% Organic Interwoven Cotton Onesie: Celebrate those precious first moments with our adorable interwoven cotton onesie. Made from 100% organic cotton, it's gentle and perfect for your little one.

2-Layered Swaddle: Wrap your baby in pure mulmul cotton with our 2-layered swaddle. Recreate the cozy feeling of the womb while keeping your baby safe and snug. Free from Azo-based dyes and colorants.

Premium 4-Layered Baby Napkin: Our soft mulmul fabric napkin is versatile and gentle on your baby's delicate skin. Handmade with love, it's an essential item in any baby bag.

Mumkin Crib Hanger: Handmade with love, our pure cotton crib hanger engages and stimulates your baby. It's a delightful toy that aids in their overall growth and development.

Mumkin Animal Soft Toy: Handmade with love, this pure cotton animal soft toy will amuse and engage your baby. It's a perfect companion for playtime and snuggles.

Baby Milestone Cards: Capture every special moment with our timeless milestone cards. From the baby's arrival to their first birthday, these cards preserve cherished memories and important occasions.

Mumkin Baby Print Kit: Frame beautiful memories of your baby's first impressions with our non-toxic, child-friendly print kit. Create lasting keepsakes easily and safely.

Grooming Care Set: Our premium quality grooming care set ensures your baby's hygiene and makes them Insta-ready. It's ergonomically designed and essential for their care routine.

Ring Sling Baby Carrier (Optional): Experience the comfort of our soft, breathable ring sling. Suitable from birth to toddlerhood, it offers structured support and a snuggly embrace for baby wearing.

  • Once he/she has outgrown them, you can safely store them in a memory box or frame them and hang them in the nursery.
  • Ring Sling Baby Carrier
    Fabric: Premium Cotton/ Interwoven Cotton
    Width: 29 inches wide
    Length: 98 Inches
    Weight Limit: up to 15 kg
    Tail Style: Tapered
    Shoulder Style: Comfort pleats
    Wash Care: Soak the Ring Sling in salt water for 15 minutes, cover the rings with a small sock or tie together with sling fabric and wash in machine or hand wash as normal. Being the nature of cotton, some bright colours may bleed so we recommend initial washes in salt water to minimise the colour run, if any.

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