Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil
Cold Pressed Coconut Oil
Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

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Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

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Indulge in gentle, nourishing care with our pure Cold Pressed Coconut Oil. It strengthens your skin's protective layer, locking in moisture for supple, hydrated skin. Perfect for gentle baby massages too!

Indulge in the luxurious benefits of our pure, high-quality Cold Pressed Coconut Oil. Nourish and strengthen your skin, prevent dryness and stretch marks, and enjoy soothing head-to-toe massages for both parents and babies.

Nourishes and strengthens the skin's protective layer
Suitable for gentle baby massages and overall body nourishment
Prevents dryness and stretch marks
Ideal for head massages and scalp nourishment

For skin: Apply in circular motions as a natural moisturizer
For baby massages: Gently massage for utmost nourishment
For head massages: Massage into the scalp, warm if desired

"Gentle, nourishing care for your skin, this pure high quality cold-pressed Coconut Oil helps strengthen your skin’s protective layer, trapping moisture inside and keeping your skin supple and hydrated. Not just for the mom or the dad, but awesome for gentle baby massages as well!

"Best Used As Nourishment for the entire body: Cold-pressed coconut oil is capable of providing overall nourishment, from head to toe.

Baby Massage: Gentle on baby's skin, provides utmost nourishment.

Natural Moisturizer for Skin to prevent dryness and stretch marks: Massage in a circular motion. Shake well before use.

Good for head massage: Massage into the scalp. You may also warm the oil and apply it if that’s how you prefer head massages

Size: L * W = 11.17 * 3.81 cm
"Best Before 2 years from mfg. date
"Net Wt.: 100g"

To ensure optimal care and longevity of your product, please follow these instructions:

  • Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight
    Keep container tightly closed when not in use
    Best before 2 years from manufacturing date
    Net weight: 100g

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