Baby On Board Car Sign

Baby On Board Car Sign
Baby On Board Car Sign
Baby On Board Car Sign

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Baby On Board Car Sign

Regular price Rs. 230.00

Announce your little one's arrival with our Mumkin Bump On Board car sign. Spread joy on the road as you proudly display your growing family. Let your car reflect your excitement and create a positive atmosphere wherever you go.

Make a statement on the road with our charming Mumkin Bump On Board car sign. Show off your precious cargo with style and add a touch of delight to your vehicle. Get ready to capture attention and bring smiles wherever you go with our adorable Mumkin Bump On Board signage. Embrace the journey with a dash of humor and charm.

Material: 5 mm foam sheet with Vacuum Suction
Size: L * W = 14.6 * 14.6 cm

"Here’s a cute Mumkin Baby On Board signage that’s a must-have car accessory!
Your precious bundle of joy has arrived and there’s no reason why you should keep calm and not scream from the rooftop! Ok, maybe not the rooftop but definitely on the roads you drive through."

  • Wipe with a clean towel to keep this clean

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