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Encourage your baby's growth and development with Mumkin's sensory play set. The Crawling Cushion provides tactile stimulation, the Flashcards engage visual senses, and the Soft Book sparks curiosity with interactive textures. Perfect for early learning and exploration.

What's Included

Crawling Cushion

Indulge your little one with the Mumkin Crawling Cushion - a meticulously crafted playtime essential. With varied textures and captivating sounds, it promotes crawling, strengthens core muscles, and enhances tummy time exercise.

Visual Stimulation Flash Cards

Stimulate your baby's visual senses and promote early brain development with our high-contrast flashcards. Each set includes 5 black and white picture cards featuring animals, patterns, and nature. Perfect for babies aged 4 weeks and up.

Jungle Safari Quiet Book

Spark your baby's love for books with Mumkin's handmade soft book. Featuring gentle fabrics and interactive elements like squeaky sounds and varied textures, it nurtures curiosity and fosters early literacy exploration.

Mumkin's Crawling Cushion: Handmade with care, this soft and textured cushion encourages your baby's crawling and strengthens core muscles. Perfect for tummy time and play.

Mumkin's Visual Stimulation Flash Cards: Engage and captivate your baby with high-contrast black and white illustrations, stimulating their visual sensory pathways for early brain development. Includes Animals, Patterns, and Nature cards.

Introduce your little one to the joy of books with Mumkin's Jungle Safari Quiet Book. Handmade from pure cotton and felt, this soft book offers word-less interaction, squeaky sounds, and textured pages to spark curiosity in babies from stroller age.


  • Get creative with the nursery decor: Display these cards like it’s for an art gallery. These high-contrast picture cards will not only keep your baby calm and engaged but will also improve their vision.
  • Stimulate baby’s visual pathways: Hang them on the crib, around the bed or nursing chair or even at nooks that your baby is fascinated with.
  • Create fun games and interactions using these cards: It’s a great way to bond with the baby. Switching to different cards will help soothe the baby and keep them interested.
  • Edutainment: These cards introduce different words and things to your newborn which can stimulate auditory pathways and enhance cognitive development.

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