Visual Stimulation Flash Cards


These highly-engaging high-contrast picture cards are designed to stimulate your baby’s visual sensory pathways which in turn helps in early brain development.

This kit contains the following set of cards: Animals, Patterns and Nature. Carefully curated for babies (4-weeks onward), each set has 5 black and white picture cards with fun illustrations.

• Get creative with the nursery decor: Display these cards like it’s for an art gallery. These high-contrast picture cards will not only keep your baby calm and engaged but will also improve their vision.

Stimulate baby’s visual pathways: Hang them on the crib, around the bed or nursing chair or even at nooks that your baby is fascinated with.

Create fun games and interactions using these cards: It’s a great way to bond with the baby. Switching to different cards will help soothe the baby and keep them interested.

• Edutainment: These cards introduce different words and things to your newborn which can stimulate auditory pathways and enhance cognitive development.