Ring Sling Baby Carrier


Our ring sling baby carier come in soft, breathable textures, blends and densities. These ring slings drape your baby and you in a hug with a supportive, snuggly embrace offering great structured support from birth uptil toddlers. The weave structure in these machine or handwoven slings make wearing baby a breeze for those new to babywearing with its right bounce and resistance. This texured sling comes soft out of the box and you may experience the sling fabric becoming floppier as you wear or wash it.

Fabric: Premium Cotton/ Interwoven Cotton
Width: 29 inches wide
Length: 98 Inches
Weight Limit: up to 15 kg
Tail Style: Tapered
Shoulder Style: Comfort pleats
Wash Care: Soak the Ring Sling in salt water for 15 minutes, cover the rings with a small sock or tie together with sling fabric and wash in machine or hand wash as normal. Being the nature of cotton, some bright colours may bleed so we recommend initial washes in salt water to minimize the colour run, if any.

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