Mum Yum Snack Box
For New Mummas


Customization Available
The baby is here but the Mumma is still eating for two! Mumkin takes pride in introducing our nourishing Mum Yum box for new moms to satiate those in-between meals hunger pangs. Each nutritionist-recommended item in our box is made without any additives or preservatives, using time-tested recipes that are high on nutrition and great in taste.

This extra special pack of lactation-boosting food items makes for a great post-delivery diet and ensures that nothing harmful makes its way to the baby.

An age old recipe, katlu is famously known to be given to new mothers as a lactation support in West-Indian culture.  It is loaded with a powerful mix of 32 healthy herbs and spices to supplement postnatal nutrition needs.

These cookies contain garden cress seeds or aliv, shatavri and cumin seeds that aid in maintaining a good milk supply. Fennel seeds and coconut add flavour and help in digestion.An easy on-the-go option to munch on.

Famously known as Bajra Raab in India, it is the ultimate comfort food for lactating mothers that ensures healing and give a boost to milk production. This time-tested grandma’s recipe comes in a freeze-dried and ready-to-use form.

A unique infusion that helps improve lactation and heals the body faster, this tisane is a blend of chamomile, fennel seeds, fenugreek seeds, anise and shatavari. The perfect choice to help one relax and unwind at the end of a hectic day.