Mum Yum Snack Box
For Week 34 to 40


Customization Available

Packed with nutrients and taste, tailored specifically for trimester 3, this pack is sure to wow one with its healthy surprises. It contains:

Presenting the popular Kanji in a ready-to-cook traditional protein powder form that contains a holistic mix of grains, pulses and dry fruits. Patiently dry roasted, organically processed and selectively packaged, this versatile mix can be served in a number of ways.

A refreshing combination of real orange peels and superfoods like figs, seeds, nuts and amaranth, this energy bar is loaded with healthy nutrients and tastes like a dream!

These yummy and healthy cookies are baked with love and loaded with super nutrients to provide calcium, iron and protein. We bet no one will stop at one!

A super crunch snack rich in Omega 3, Omega 6, Vitamin B and Antioxidants. Rye is a superfood with low fat, low GI, and is an excellent source of fibre to aid gut movement.

This traditional recipe that has dates and dink (natural edible gum) is a great source of iron that is required to meet the increased demands of the last trimester.

Curry leaves are a great digestive and   a good source of calcium. Round off meals with this Curry Leaves Mukhwas that’s full of flavour and freshness. Leaves everyone asking for more!

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