Mum Yum Snack Box
For Week 27 – 34


Customization Available

Packed with nutrients and taste, tailored specifically for trimester 3, this pack is sure to wow one with its healthy surprises. It contains:

Sattu is an Indian superfood that is said to help in digestion and managing sugar levels. These protein-filled bites give an instant dose of energy whenever needed. Made from pure ghee, dates, sattu and nuts, this bite-sized barfi is inspired by time-tested recipes.

Amaranth is an ancient grain with immense health benefits. This muesli is a mix of nutritious nuts, seeds and berries that give a dose of instant energy.

This exceptionally healthy mix strengthens gut health, improves immunity and prevents acid reflux. With ingredients like amla, the Gutcare Mix has immense benefits for hair and skin too!

This protein-packed snack with real mint powder provides essential minerals in a multigrain combination to replace all unhealthy and oily teatime munchies

Made with ragi, dates and fig, this delicious dessert is rich in calcium and iron. These naturally sweetened nutritious pops are a fantastic source of instant energy.

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