Mum Yum Snack Box
For Week 20 – 26


Customization Available

Packed with nutrients and taste, tailored specifically for trimester 2, this pack is sure to wow one with its healthy surprises. It contains:

Presenting the popular Kanji in a ready-to-cook traditional protein powder form that contains a holistic mix of grains, pulses and dry fruits. Patiently dry roasted, organically processed and selectively packaged, this versatile mix can be served in a number of ways.

Delectable bites packed with the richness of oats, dates, peanuts and peanut butter – healthy has never been so yummy! Perfect for midnight sweet cravings or a post-lunch energy boost.

These traditional laddoos made from gum, ginger powder and halim are a great source of nutrition for times of intense sweet cravings or on-the-go energy boosts.

The ultimate lip-smacking experience, this spicy and tangy, multi-nutrient munchie will help with the chatpata cravings while ensuring that only healthy options are consumed.

Amaranth is an ancient grain with immense health benefits. This muesli is a mix of nutritious nuts, seeds and berries that give a dose of instant energy.

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