Moonstone Magic Soap


Hidden inside the soap is a Moonstone tumble which is known to calm and balance emotions which also moisturises your skin. During and after pregnancy, the body goes through many changes and this crystal helps to destress and regulate your hormones.

• Made with high-quality coconut oil, oats, cocoa butter, vanilla essence oil and more
• Chemical free, preservative free, paraben free
• Free from palm oil, cheap oils, SLS, artificial fragrances and detergents
• Hydrates skin and keeps your skin deliciously supple

Best Before: 1 year from

Net Wt.: 130g

Caution: Our soaps have chemical-free base and are safe to use for hair, skin and face. Still, if you find any trouble, stop the use, rinse your skin and consult your family physician immediately. In case you want to remove the Mica powder coat from the soap, simply rinse before use.