Bloom ‘n’ Blossom Subscription
For Trimester 2 & 3


Customization Available

Our Bloom ‘n’ Blossom Subscription will set you up with our amazing boxes bringing you a range of handpicked, healthy and thoughtful products specifically geared towards the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. We only select the finest items that are natural, nourishing, artisan and holistic, to comfort our patrons through their special journey.

The Hello Bump Box will help the mumma-to-be gear up with utility items such as Mumkin’s huggable Maternity Pillow, an exciting Pregnancy read, soothing meditation and affirmations, a stylish water bottle to take care of your hydration needs and much more! 

Mumkin wants the mumma-to-be to feel loved and cared for. With our Big Bump Box you get an engaging Mummas Pregnancy Activity Book, a moisturising stretch-mark Oil, a relaxing Foot Soak, a Sonograph Frame and a whole lot more!

We want to pamper the mumma-to-be, make her feel special. With our Bloom Time Box you get a Pregnancy Support Belt to support the growing belly, a Head-to-toe Pamper Bundle which really goes by its name , a moisturising soap with a surprise inside and so much more! 

The Bloom Countdown Box not only brings you a moisturising Stretch-mark Oil, Aqua Peas Gel Pad to take care of aches and pains, soothing Meditation and Affirmations, toilet seat covers for sanitation and hygiene, an essential oil roll-on to help you have a good night’s sleep and yummy treats but also much more!