Bloom Countdown Box
For Week 34 to 40


Customization Available
Here’s a sneak peek at few of the many items you’ll get in our box:

There may not be a sure shot way of preventing stretch marks but that shouldn’t stop one from trying! We understand that everyone has specific preferences for personal care products so choose one of our Mumkin oils that are mindfully designed to cater to all bodies and problems. Know more about Mumkin’s range of nourishing stretch-mark oils

This multipurpose heating and cooling pad can be used to relieve all possible aches and pains due to body changes.

Let Mumkin take care of the soreness in the body with this incredibly versatile gel pack.

The non-toxic gel pack is safe to use on any part of the body. It stays soft and pliable when frozen and doubles as a hot pack when heated.

With plenty of friends and family visiting the Mumma and the newborn, have them leave a heartfelt note on these cards and preserve it for posterity. Ditch the clunky hospital visitor books and try this cute and quirky take instead.

Enjoy the calming effect of this soothing and melodious guided meditation exclusively composed by our wellness expert for your third trimester. It will help prepare your body for normal labour.

The Bloom Countdown box has many more products catering to all that the Mumma needs at this time – Mumkin’s wholesome and nourishing snack pack to satisfy pregnancy cravings in the healthiest way possible under the guidance of our elite nutritionists, a magic potion when she needs to keep calm and a hygiene helper for sanitation needs.