Aqua Peas Gel Eye Mask


This unique gel therapy eye mask offers the power of hot and cold therapy to help relieve puffy eyes, dark circles/bags under your eyes, headaches, migraines and sinuses. The plush side provides maximum comfort while used on direct skin.

• Enhanced with cooling aqua peas to soothe, comfort and help prevent puffiness
• Luxurious fabric with gel beads for hot and cold relief
• Helps relieve stress and tiredness
• Multi-functional
• Easy to clean

Cooling Instructions: Place the eye mask in the refrigerator for a minimum of one hour or the freezer for a minimum of 30 minutes. When it’s ready to use, check that the beads are flexible and pliable not frozen.

Heating Instructions: Place in a clean microwave. Microwave for 10 second intervals until desired temperature is reached. Do not overheat.

How to Use: Fit the eye mask comfortably around the head, placing the therapeutic gel portion over the eyes. Adjust as required for best fit.

Caution: For microwave use only. Do not overheat and take care when removing from microwave oven, as could be hot after heating. Allow pack to cool before reheating. Do not boil the pack. Do not overheat, to avoid risk of fire. Keep away from children. If discomfort results or persists, discontinue use and consult your physician. Pack should not be used by persons with conditions which cause skin sensitivity.

Please Note: Each eye mask is unique and comes in different patterns and colours. It means that no one else has the same object as you!