1. Pregnancy Notes: Rujuta Diwekar’s compilation of quick, easy to follow notes on food, exercise and recovery for each stage of pregnancy. The book also includes meal plans, recipes, exercise plans and top foods.

  2. Baby and Childcare in India: An Indian adaptation of Dr. Spock’s seminal work, written in collaboration with Indian pediatricians, this book includes the latest information on all aspects of child-rearing, from breastfeeding and first aid to talking to the child about personal issues. 
  3. Pregnancy Handbook for Indian Moms: Dr. Vinita Salvi’s ultimate pregnancy book answers all questions and tells the mother exactly what to expect. Written in a warm, humorous, clear and no-fuss tone, Dr. Salvi’s Handbook is all the information therapy a mommy-to-be needs.  

  4. Pregnancy Week by Week: This handy guide offers suggestions for nutrition, exercise and health as well as which doctors to visit and when. It also provides a weekly diary/record book which enables expecting mothers to keep track of doctors’ appointments, exercise suggestions and memorable events.  

  5. The Working Woman’s Baby Planner: Being pregnant and working poses special challenges for the modern woman. To make it all happen, she’ll want to be extra organised with these handy checklists, timelines and resources to help her prepare and stay calm throughout this special time in her life. 

  6. 101 Amazing Things About Pregnancy:  A book based on fun facts and interesting trivia about pregnancy, childbirth, and newborns which aims to demonstrate how truly amazing the gift of life is.