About Mumkin

Mumkin – stands to mean mums and munchkins, kins of moms (her near and dear ones). As the word suggests, Mumkin also signifies the many possibilities, potential and promises one could explore. This platform also propels our core philosophy – ‘Everything is possible with good intentions, hard work and commitment.’

Mumkin is a one time buy as well as a subscription-based curated care box for expectant women, new moms and young infants. It includes a product mix catering to their nutrition, utility items, personal care and some bit of pampering and surprises. Mumkin offers a range of well-researched, carefully packaged and mostly handcrafted products designed to make your pregnancy happy, hale and hearty.

We are a team of experts who have come together with a belief that empowered women empower women – every which way. We believe there is strength in sisterhood and that women should work to raise each other up.

A little bit of empathy, a dash of kindness and a whole lot of magic.

Believe us – It’s Mumkin!

Mumkin Promise


Quality Products – Handmade and handpicked with care, covering nutrition, utility items and personal care… plus some pampering and surprises for the to-be mom!


Curated by Experts – All items selected under guidance from mothers,
nutritionists and gynaecologists – they know best!


High on Happiness Quotient – Products that make you smile!


Customized – Packaged perfectly for discerning customers who deserve value!


Flexibility – From Individual Boxes to Bundled Subscriptions – the choice is yours!

Team Mumkin

We are a well-rounded team of doctors and experts who are qualified, committed and passionate about their subject. Our team is a perfect balance of fresh ideas, innovative approach, and solid experience. Mumkin is a unique platform of the women, by the women, for the women – hence, it is no coincidence that our esteemed team is full of women achievers that we take great pride in.

Dr. Nalini BhanotSenior Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

As a senior doctor, Dr. Nalini Bhanot has been practicing medicine for almost 40 years now. Highly experienced with an expertise in High-Risk Pregnancies and Infertility, Dr. Bhanot brings on board her subject knowledge and objectivity. In her years of service, she has been attached to Bhailal Amin Hospital (Vadodara) and has attended conferences across the world. She has also been involved in promoting general awareness around puberty, sexual health and hygiene at various schools in Vadodara.

Beneath that calm demeanour and warm personality is a tough woman who has earned immense respect in her field of work. Being a mom and a grand-mom herself, Dr. Bhanot is just as equipped with the latest trends around pregnancy. Her presence on the board offers great insights into the theoretical as well as practical side of pregnancy.

Dr Shaila DesaiSenior Obstetrician and Gynecologist

Dr. Shaila Desai is a name that stands for confidence, faith, and trust for many expectant parents in and around Surat. Dr. Desai who was earlier Vice Chairman for Gujarat Bank Association has a successful private practice in the Diamond city of India for the past 38 years. She has more than 2000 normal deliveries, laparoscopic and other gynaecologist operations to her credit. She’s particularly passionate about infertility treatments and has been instrumental in bringing joy to many women who’ve otherwise lost hope. Dr. Desai’s infectious, positive personality is motivating and her expert opinion on women’s health helps us curate a good range of products.

Dr Vanshika Gupta AdukiaPregnancy, Childbirth & Lactation Specialist and Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist

Dr. Vanshika Gupta Adukia is a practicing medical professional and pregnancy specialist based out of Mumbai. Founder of Therhappy, Dr. Gupta-Adukia works closely in the field of pregnancy, childbirth, lactation and infant care with expecting mums, new mums and healthcare professionals alike. She has researched extensively in the field of women’s health, life in the womb and birth thus having several of her research papers published in International Medical Journals and is an active member of several eminent bodies including the Maharashtra Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy Council, CAPPA USA (Childbirth and Postpartum Professionals Association), Indian Academy of Fitness Training, Oh Baby Academy Canada and is one of the very few internationally certified Pregnancy, Postpartum and Baby Nutrition Specialists in the country.

Young and dynamic, Dr. Gupta-Adukia’s passion and commitment towards women and infant health aligns with that of Mumkin. Being in Mumbai and in close proximity with the young generation of pregnant women, she helps us understand the trends and expectations from a global perspective.It was her knowledge and experience that has helped Mumkin in planning and sourcing healthy, nourishing and time-tested food recipes used especially during and after pregnancy.

Dr Poonam ShahClinical Nutritionist

When it comes to food and nutrition, Poonam Shah is a master at work. As a clinical nutritionist, Ms. Shah has a rich experience of having worked with the pediatric department at the Tata Memorial Hospital. She is also an Art of Living instructor and teacher who brings the element of simplicity, patience, and love along with professional help.

It was her expertise that guided Mumkin to majorly understanding the nutritional needs of pregnant women and carefully selecting and curating the food items for moms-to-be. Ms. Shah with her very calm and composed attitude guides us towards a healthy and holistic lifestyle.

Kanan ParikhCounsellor & Hypnotherapist

For the past 12 years, Kanan Parikh has relentlessly worked as a counsellor in the field of behaviour modifications, stress management, and adolescent guidance. Her counselling center in Vadodara is booked for weeks and is looked upon as one of the most trusted names for therapy. Ms. Parikh, a renowned counsellor and hypnotherapist, has also taken special training for transactional analysis, neuro-linguistic programs, and rational emotive behaviour therapy. She has designed extensive exercises and workshops for parenting skills, stress management, women’s mental health, emotional empowerment, and academic excellence, in dealing with menopause and various important life-skill programs, particularly for adolescents.

Being a qualified engineer herself, Ms. Parikh offers a scientific, logical, rational perspective that is easy to comprehend. Her gentle personality and comforting conversations are enough to bring calm to chaos. Perhaps that’s why our affirmations and meditations sound so soothing to all.

Neha MehtaChild Development Expert

For over 37 years, Neha Mehta has been around kids and parents, talking to them about problems, offering them solutions and patiently introducing novel ideas that help her as a teacher, mentor, supervisor and a counsellor. Ms. Mehta has donned multiple hats over the years of her extensive experience largely with regard to child development.

She’s a goldmine of creative ideas that offer effective solutions. A great team manager, an efficient counsellor with a sunny disposition, Ms. Mehta has kept us enthused with innovative ideas and suggestions for the right products as well as sourcing.

Shubhra RuparelFounder

An engineer and MBA by qualification and a self-motivated, committed and focussed entrepreneur, Shubhra Ruparel, founder of Mumkin is a perfectionist in life. Prior to Mumkin, Ms. Ruparel has worked with IBM India and has earned a gold medal as well as recognition by the Alpha Beta Game Society. Ms. Ruparel’s drive to uplift & care for women founded the premise for Mumkin as a beautiful platform for women professionals and mompreneurs to come together and create a reliable network of sisterhood for other pregnant women. She is a strong believer that everything is possible if only we put our mind, work and time into it.

Ms. Ruparel is a strong leader who holds the team together with a gentle finesse that is rare in someone that young. She leads like a seasoned entrepreneur and absorbs like a curious student, an exquisite combination that propels the brand forward.

From The Founder's Desk

Dear Mommies,

You have embarked upon a beautiful journey and we are thrilled to be a part of it. Thank you for choosing us. Let us assure you, in Mumkin, you have a caring friend albeit like a pen-pal straight out of storybooks!

When I first conceived the idea of starting a subscription-based pregnancy care kit, I was as nervous, anxious and excited as you are carrying your baby. So believe me when I say – we hear you. These nine-months are precious and we want to make it extra special for you, dear mommy-to-be. So don’t look at these boxes as curated supplies. Look at them through the prism of our love and care. Each item is vetted by experts and thoughtfully put together in a box that offers you an experience to cherish. Even with our baby boxes, there is a little something for the mumma to remind her of the strength, grace, and beauty she possesses. Fathers deserve a special mention. The silent pillar of support. Oftentimes a prepared and hands-on partner but sometimes as clueless as a pirate wearing two eye patches! Mumkin makes it possible for the wonderful men to contribute more effectively instead of orbiting around their sun – you. A big shout out to the husbands, brothers, fathers, partners and guy friends – you are fabulous.

Mumkin aims to make your smiles bigger and broader! We will continue to do so with our product range, services and by building a community that encourages, nurtures and helps new moms. We won’t tell you what to feel rather make you feel comfortable, confident and cared for.

And we will do it all together, because… it’s Mumkin.